36. Karhu-viesti and Kevä…something…viesti 2013

The first weekend of our stay in Turku was filled up with running, of course 😉

I have got an opportunity to run the famous Finnish road-relay race Karhu Viesti with even more famous Finnish runners: Petteri Muukkonen, Severi Kymäläinen, Mårten Boström, Topi Raitanen, Mikael Bergdahl and Niclas Sandels. Rainy and windy weather did not spoil nice experience. Besides, our team ran through 50 km in the time 2:38:24 (complete results) and enjoyed a pleasant win.

During the weekend also Rajamäen Rykmentti visited Turku for a demanding training camp. We took part in the nigh relay called Kevätyön viesti. It was held in a city forest just 2 km from my new home. The forest was still covered by deep snow. But 32 teams including 4 runners did not shring away from bad conditions and fought for first "spring" relay victory. Our team finished second behind MS Parma. Results.

The routechoices of me and Petteri Muukkonen (red line), 1st leg.

Although I came to Finland to experience Finnish orienteering, I want to point you to JWOC in my home country. The skilful and impatient organizers prepared another cool invitation. And I am sure, it would be a pity to miss this event 😉

Koho nebaví číst v angličtině, ale chce si alespoň "divoce" zaběhat u obrazovky počítače, zkuste si novou "hru" Running Wild a otestujte svou volbu postupu na trati Švédského mistrovství na dlouhé trati. Rozhodně to nebyla nuda!
A také dávejte pozor, ať si u snídaně nepolijete mapu 😉

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