Like hungry wolves

This story began exactly 4 years and 1 day ago. Whoever experienced World Championships in his own country knows it is the most emotional competing ever. And I mean especially a relay race where the home team shares „magic“ atmosphere with all friends, spectators, organizers and volunteers. That day from WOC 2008 stays in my memory the most. We finished 4th 20 seconds behind Switzerland. Exciting experience with a little bit sad end. Our desire starts to grow up.

WOC 2008 – Czech Republic: So close so far.
WOC 2009 – Hungary: The battle finished before finish line…
WOC2010 – Norway: Extremly tight race again. 5th position.
WOC2011 – France: In wonderful terrain we were stopped by tricky control in a pit in the end of the course. 1st leg 3 minute mistake, 2nd leg 4 minutes…

Hunger becomes bigger and bigger. Other teams inspired us – British winners from 2008 or French team who starts to dominate in this century.

But the time went against us. Michal Smola finished his career and I considered it too. I focused on my study and a new job. But after wintertime I found new energy for running and hoped to be qualified for WOC again. Although my results were up and down, I got a trust to represent Czech relay team. Desire came back.

Hungry wolves stood on the starting line and did not want to wait another long year. The rest you know. We cried for joy together with our friends and supporters.

WOC 2012 – Thank you everybody who kept fingers crossed
World Orienteering Championships Webpage

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6 thoughts on “Like hungry wolves

  1. anonymous

    Anonyme writes:Great results and well deserved !Nice to have a note about Michal Smola who was still a bit part of this winning team 😉

  2. anonymous

    Francis Dupuy writes:Hi Tomas I am very happy for you and your team. I met you last year in Slovenia and I run a club near Puymirol. I drink a beer, thinking of your victory. Maybe 2 or 3 … See you soon, perhaps on a race in France …. Francis

  3. anonymous

    Chris writes:As a young swiss orienteer living near from Lausanne, I was naturally cheering for the Swiss relay team! But like many others, I was very happy about the Czech victory! You did an amazing race and you really deserve this beautiful gold medal after being very near many years in a row. Congratulation!!

  4. anonymous

    Oded Verbin writes:Congratulations!well deserved 🙂

  5. dlabaja

    Thank you very much! It is very pleasant to read such positive messages 😉 I wish you all nice summertime and a lot of fun with orienteering!

  6. anonymous

    a bulgarian orienteer writes:Tomas, congratulations from a bulgarian orienteer – I was very glad to see you beating the naughty norwegians, excellent run from all of you, fully deserved victory!

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