Great OOcup! Moreover ULTIMATE courses!

In my opinion is OOcup one of the most valuable "trademark" in orienteering. And surely it wasn´t easy to make it in Slovenia, where are just few experienced orienteers.

Unfortunately it is difficult to find time to participate more often because of many important international events, training camps etc during the season. But this year I finally ran it again after several years. There were two reasons, similarity with WOC terrain and "ultimate" courses (it means maps without any paths and roads).

Originally I planned to run only some of 5 stages to save energy for another afternoon´s running training, but finally I ran all of them, although just slowly, but it was always pleasant experience – 100% orienteering! But one stage I didn´t finish because of helping injured runner, karst terrain is tough and could be dangerous…

This is a difference between normal course and ultimate

Last stage with my routechoices, easier course than previous days, but still quite hard after 5 day effort 😉

And one more reason to come again. Slovenia is beautiful 😉

Bear´s head near Tolmin

OOcup webpage with all maps and results.

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