Beaver Valley Cup, Polland

If I am not wrong, I have never competed in Poland before. So an surprising invitation coming from Wojciech Kowalski looked quite interesting. The competition centre and accomodation was situated into beautiful Kliczkow castle. After our arrival we were welcomed by four-course meal and many another nice enjoyments were still ahead of us.

On Friday evening we participated in night 6-leg sprint relay. Every leg measured only 1,2 km and it crossed castle buildings and surrounding park. Quite fun. Our team belonged to outsiders. But we finished in TOP 10 of 30 teams! …because 20 better teams were disqualified 🙂

On Saturday „Beaver Valley Cup“ started by middle distance. I expected a fast, very easy race in flat terrain. But what I experienced it really conjured me a smile. It was very nice race, which I completly enjoyed. Yes, it was very fast race, but also technical, and it wasn´t easy to keep full control all the time. The perfect map and perfect course was prepared by Wojciech Dwojak.

In the afternoon the organizers served us a similar delicacy. We ran a sprint in town Boleslawiec. Once again, full speed and many problems to solve. Great experience.

Map (better routes by red colour)
I must also tell you something about my main competitors. On the starting line there were strong and famous Wojciech Kowalski and no less strong my czech team-mate Jan Sedivy. In the 1st stage Wojciech almost catched Jan by 6 minutes in the forest and really shocked him, but soon in the finish Wojciech realized he should run a class MEN Elite and not M21, so he ran with a wrong map.
But what an interesting story happend in 2nd stage! This time Jan took a wrong map and he believed that organizers put controls with wrong numbers in the town 🙂

On Sunday we ran a long distance. The course wasn´t already so demanding, so we managed to run 12,5 km for 58 minutes and in the finish I was about half minute faster than Wojciech. So for three victories I have got a famous „PUCHAR“ (=a CUP) (Beaver Valley Cup=Puchar Doliny Bobru)

2. Richert Marcin 1. Dlabaja Tomáš 3. Wensław Mateus

Competition webpage

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