Two times (czech) long distance in September

This year a month September is aimed at long distances and relay races in our country. We had some qualification races and in the end of the month we began to fight for medals. Now I would like to present two of these races.

Two years after WOC 2008 we came back to the forest, where was held amazing middle distance race of the World Championship 2008. On Saturday we ran a middle distance and on Sunday we continued with long distance with chasing start according to Saturday race. The course of long distance offered three "butterflies" and interesting long legs as well.

The race brought exciting stories for runners and spectators and so there was no time for boredom although it tooks about 100 minutes of running. Michal Smola started with about 2 minutes lead, chased by 7 other runners starting in interval of one minute. I was last of them on the start line but already on the first control we all met together. What a surprise! But immediately afterwards the first butterfly showed up. Unfortunately it didnt split up runners so well, but the long leg to 9th control offered some alternatives, which worked much better to split up the group. I got some small gap there and then completely left the group in the second butterfly. Very interesing route choices appeared on the way to 19th control. A straight option was the best and here I saw Michal Smola a bit ahead of me. I sped up and ran straight again to 20th control, Michal ran around big clifs from the right side. But I lost a contact with the map and made a huge mistake in the end of the leg, a loss about 1,5 minute. Luckily I wasnt catched by runners behind. Michal clearly defended his lead, I finished second. Michal Jedlicka, who kept third position very long time, got tired and finished 11th. Adam Chromy took 3rd spot. Martin Janata finished as 4th best and it could be a fantastic surprise of this weekend, but he forgot to punch once in the last butterfly…

That was a nice comeback to the forest of the most beautiful race of WOC 2008 as I personally remember.

Competition´s web page
(A photo of chasing start by Lubos Tomecek)


Afterwards we moved to Jihlava, where were awarded the best long distance orienteers of the year – Czech long distance championship 2010.

Men 21 Final

The terrain was rather fast and not very hilly, so not any extreme race. But the mapmaker and the course-setter in one person Martin Kratochvíl did a very good job and prepared a perfect race for us.
The best routechoices of long legs are usually more or less "straight line" in this kind of terrain. And the most interesting places for controls are in green.

First half of the race Vladimir Lucan (rather marathon runner now 😉 ) were in the lead. After a big mistake in the butterfly he was replaced by Jan Sedivy, who held the lead till the end and clearly won the championship. Several times this year, deservedly and clearly, he won a long distance, so the title fell into the right hands. Hopefully he will show his power soon also at international level!

I ran a good race too, only two times one minute mistake on long legs, where I lost my concentration and turn "somewhere". And some small mistakes in the last loop, which luckily didnt affected my result.

6 best of this year – 2. Dlabaja, 1. Sedivy, 3. Kozak, 4. Lucan, 5. Smola, 6. Losman

Here is a very nice reportage of Czech Television (30 minutes)

Competition´s web page
(A photo of prize giving ceremony by Jiri Cech)

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