Easter in France

Shortly after a training camp in France with czech and swedish national team, I flew to France again. During training camp I got an inflammation in my leg and I was not able to train as I planned. It made better very slowly, but I decided to take a risk and competed at Easter competitions after one week of treatment.

"3 jours du Sud-Ouest 2010" was held between Bordeaux and Toulouse and was organized by the way also by my french club "Puymirol". It consisted of a middle distance on Saturday, a long distance and sprint on Sunday, and a long distance with chasing start on Easter Monday.

Competition areas were quite rough with a lot of undergrowth (in white areas too). I guess there will not be possible run in 2 or 3 weeks when the nature will wake up 🙂 Of course, I dont prefere such orienteering, but this is exactly what I need to be a little bit more resistant 🙂 The competition had a wonderful atmosphere despite a real fickle (April) weather. But you never could be sad longer time till reaching the refreshment point shortly after the finish line. The refreshment was something amazing and moreover everybody got some present everyday like a wine, t-shirt etc. 🙂

Although I was in rather bad shape and felt very tired every day, I tried to fight and after all I got an overall victory.

I enjoyed 3 jours du Sud-Ouest 2010, similarly like Corrèze International Open 2009. French orienteering becomes more and more attractive for me.

Web of 3 jours du Sud-Ouest 2010 with all maps, results and photos

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