Alicante – for the second time

This year´s strong winter changed my plans again and turned my magnetic needle to Alicante instead of swedish Finspång. So I joined my czech club "Zabovresky Brno" down in Europe and not my swedish club "Soders Tyreso" up in Sweden near Tiomila centre 2010.

But for this time I didnt train only in sand dune terrain around Guardamar, but our group also took part in WRE competition MURCIA COSTA CALIDA.

The competition was held in mountains. It consisted of a long distance, a sprint race and a middle distance with chasing start.

I came to Spain almost directly from a training camp in Slovenia. I hoped to improve my orienteering skills with another orienteering sessions, because all controls seem to be hiden all the time for me now 😉 But my long distance race was unfortunately another hit parade of mistakes :doh: It was a very fast race with an interesting change of terrain in the final part.

In the afternoon the organizers served a delicacy – a sprint race in Cehegin. The race with no odd control. Our young runners, who never experienced anything like this, were naturally very surprised.

The chasing start of the last etap promised an interesting fight. I started 4th 4 minutes behind a leader Roger Casal and 2 minutes behind a couple Lukas Bartak and Adam Chromy, 2 minutes later Ionut Zinca with Marian Davidik. But first of all I wanted to run a good race finally… And I missed already on the second control. But luckily I catched there Lukas. I tried to run full speed all the time and tried to catch Adam or even Roger Casal, but I missed few times again. But anyway I was quite happy that my today´s race wasnt another disaster and I finished 2nd 2 minutes behind Roger.

Allright, now I have to clear away…

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