Pre-Tiomila Time

Very painful hunting over dirty marshes and rocky ground at Elitserien Final with chasing start.

Afterwards I had to find the peace of mind in wonderful terrain near Åhus and on the chest of real friend.

We have discovered one our miraculous skill. Any similarity with Jesus Christ is very accidental.

And we have aimed at Tiomila 2009. With a motor, a sail and a navigation.

In case of emergency a baywatch is ready!

We take care of our women team as well.

…because some of us are strong and orienteering is only their minor-sport!

Hey buddy, by the way, who may win Tiomila this year?

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One thought on “Pre-Tiomila Time

  1. anonymous

    Anonymní writes:

    Zdravíme z Prahy!!!Sice nemáme tak fyzicky náročný program, ale výšlap na Petřínskou rozhlednu bude také solidní výkon.Mějte se všichni fajn a držíme palce!m.S. + L.

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