Czech nomination fight for Ukraine!

For the second time this year all elite czech orienteers met in the czech republic. Three selection races for WOC were held in Pilsen(middle and long distance) and Prag(sprint). The czech selection races are open for all elite runners, but whoever wants to be selected for WOC must fulfill a time limit 16:30/5 km. All members of national team did it already in April at the selection for NOC.

I moved back from swedish Södertälje to the Czech republic few days ago, because I will continue with my next study in Brno again. On Wednesday I, Zdenek Rajnosek, Jan Palas and also Zdenka Stara ran a model training for Friday´s middle distance. I think that our coach Libor Zridkavesely found very relevant terrain near city Boskovice and especially for me it was important step to succeed on Friday, because I needed a fresh experience from "real" czech forest after long time of running in Sweden.

First selection race was held close to Pilsen in the forest of WUOC 2003, where I have ran and after big mistake in the end took 6th place. But for today I guessed a very different course. And my presumption was right. Radek Novotny, the coach, set the course mainly in a ragged terrain with many pits and small contour details.
All maps, courses, results and pictures on the web page of the national team.

Not very relevant terrain for WC in Ukraina, but technical race for strong orienteers. My race was quite strange, I felt still very fresh, so I wasn´t sure if I am in so good shape or so lazy :happy: But I lost several times about 20 seconds, totally over 2 minutes, but luckily saved a lot by my speed. Big surprise came in the finish, when I took the lead before Jan Sedivy about 17 seconds. Finally I was beaten by Michal Jedlicka about 4 seconds. And so Michal Jedlicka became first certain member of WOC team.

The seconds race was held in Prag and was a part of czech sprint league – Hitec Sprint Cup. Unfortunately I lost my map, but you can look at the course here. This is an orthophoto of the area, which I used for a theoretical preparation
I think I ran my best sprint this year. It wasn´t so difficult course, but it was nice. And finally my speed was perfect, Petr Losman and Jan Prochazka lost 20 seconds to me, others were more than 1 minute slower.
After this race my selection was already sure, because I couldn´t lose the lead in overall standing.

The last race was the long distance. Quite tough race 16,5 km long, but orienteering wasn´t so difficult. This day I was without power and I was happy when I came to the finish after 105 minutes. The winner was Petr Losman, who fought very hard for his selection, his time was 101 minutes.

Here you can see a part of the course with routechoices of the best runners, the rest will be probably in the czech orienteering magazine

Czech team for WOC:
Women: Brožková D, Brožková R, Krafková, Juřeníková, Stará
Men: Dlabaja (SNO), Jedlička (Tampere), Losman (SNO), Procházka (Stora Tuna), Smola (SNO).

Furthermore my two clubmates Zdenek Rajnosek and Jan Palas were selected for Euromeeting, which is held this September in Austria. But except us also younger members of SK Zabovresky Brno were selected for Youth European Championship (both brothers Zimmermann got 2 gold medals there and Milos Nykodym one) and Junior World Championship (Adam Chromy and Eva Kabathova). So good luck everybody!!!
This calls for celebration 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Czech nomination fight for Ukraine!

  1. anonymous

    Exik writes:Gratuluji moc k nominaci na WOC na Ukrajině a zároveň přeji tobě i celému národnímu týmu hodně úspěchů a ať přivezete nějakou medaily, třeba ta ze štafet, to by bylo bomba…hoj

  2. dlabaja

    Dik 🙂

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